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What is Sugarcane Bagasse

Bagasse (Sugarcane)

QUESTION: What is Bagasse?

ANSWER: Bagasse is sugar cane fiber pulp, left after the juice has been extracted from the sugar cane stalk. Bagasse is normally seen as a waste product, and is often burned thereby causing air pollution. Making tableware out of the sugar cane pulp solves the problem of waste and as well creates a value added product from a material, which is treated as a waste product.


QUESTION: What are the benefits of using bagasse?

ANSWER: Bagasse is 100% compostable and it biodegrades in 60-90 days. Through the use of this product, you are contributing to a sustainable planet. Bagasse is a tree-free readily renewable resource and provides a superior alternative to petroleum derived products. It will biodegrade and will not stay in the environment for hundreds of years.


QUESTION: How long does Bagasse take to biodegrade?

ANSWER: The rate of decomposition depends on the composting conditions – the temperature, turnover rate, moisture, etc. Just like other compostable material, products will biodegrade much faster if they are broken into smaller pieces. Bagasse tableware will biodegrade at the same rate as garden waste in a home composting system, which, depending on the home composting system, can be approximately 90 days. They will degrade faster in a commercial composting facility.


QUESTION: How well does bagasse handle heat?

ANSWER: Bagasse tableware will handle hot food and beverages up to 212 degrees. It is also microwave safe. However, the tableware does “sweat” with hot foods and some condensation will form at the bottom of the tableware with hot foods. Bagasse is both microwave and freezer safe.


QUESTION: How is Bagasse tableware manufactured?

ANSWER: Sugar cane fiber bagasse tableware is made by pressing the pulp at high pressure and temperatures to a mold form. It is sterilized and sanitized and conforms to FDA Administration guidelines.