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Bagasse Tray with PET Lid
Bagasse Tray with PET Lid
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Bagasse Tray with PET Lid
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Biodegradable Disposable Sugarcane Bagasse Tray with PET Lid

Description Weight (g) Specifications (mm) PCS/CTNS Carton Size cm
8.5''×6.5''×2.56'' Tray 31 215*165*60 400 62 23 40
8.5''×6.5''×1.75'' Tray 27 215*165*50 400 62 23 34
8.5''×6.5''×1.25'' Tray 25 215*165*35 400 62 23 32



100% nature fiber pulp ,heathy ,100% biodegradable and ecofriendly for raw material


no toxic substance or ordor is released even in high temperature or in acid/ alkali condition : 100% food contact safety


safe to be used in microwave ,oven and refrigerator .

4.Biodegradable and compostable

100% biodegrade within two months : wastes will decompose into CO2 AND WATER : certified by the BPI /OK compost


renewable ,reuse to make paper ,reduce the need for pertroleum-based material

6.Water and Hot proof

248°F/120°C hot oil and 212°F/ 100°Chot water resistant

7.A +Quality and Durability

smooth and superior strength ; stackable : leak proof ;edge trimming can be omitted for autolines


more than 200 items are for your selection


Sugarcane Bagasse Pulp Products Advantages

1.100% Biodegradable and Decomposable

2.100% Made from Natural Fiber, without any chemical additives

3.100% Microwavable

4.100% Refrigerable

5.Up to 100 degrees Celsius in hot Water resistance

6.Up to 120 degrees Celsius in hot Oil resistance


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